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Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery Courses and Lectures is a renowned team of dentists offering education that will inspire others to change the world!

We are a diverse collective of accomplished dental professionals that come together to educate and equip dentists around the world through lectures, courses and hands-on practices with Technology, Education and Innovation.
In the rapidly changing world of dental medicine, the need to stay current is more important than ever. The continuing education program of Oral Surgery offers a wide range of learning opportunities that focus on the latest scientific and technological advances with an emphasis on practical application. We look forward to helping you reach new levels in your professional career.

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MDR Braga Tandartsen

Oral Surgery Courses and Lectures is facilitated and supported by MDR Braga Tandartsen.

MDR Braga Tandartsen provides high-quality, affordable family dental care in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

With over 20 years of experience while offering a broad range of dental services, Braga’s mission is to provide the best service in dental care and educate the all-important value of oral health and what each patient can do to keep his or her teeth healthy during their lifetime.
Braga Dental Clinic has initiated the Oral Surgery Courses and Lectures program for Professionals who would like to increase their skills and knowledge and begin offering a new productive treatment with the best restorative outcomes that will leverage the services you provide to your patients.
Join us to continue your educational experience and advance your career!

Dr. Valesk Braga is an accomplished dentist with over 25 years of experience. Originally from Brazil and currently living in The Netherlands for about 20 years, where she has stablished a successful dental practice together with her team. Passionate about what she does and strongly believes that dentistry is more than treating a tooth, it is making a personal connection, and creating exceptional experiences that revolve around trust, care, love, and fun.